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Major vehicle manufacturers recognising the benefits of parts recycling

  Tuesday, 15 January 2013

While ASM Auto Recycling continues to lead the way as one of the UK’s leading parts recyclers, it would appear that some of the leading car manufacturers are attempting to catch up.

Ford celebrates 10 years of its Core Recovery Program; the American-based firm has announced it has processed over 54 million kilograms of damaged vehicles parts, from Ford dealers, since its inception in 2003.

The recycling and re-manufacturing program has successfully reused car parts as often as possible in order to regulate costs and quality whilst simultaneously conserving valuable resources and breathing new life into used parts that were previously destined for landfill.

Over the last 24 months, Ford has also added bumpers and headlights to the list of components and parts recycled, with over 62,000 bumpers collected and 26,000 headlights also revamped.

Kim Goering, manager of Ford’s remanufacturing and recycling programs, said: “Most parts that come back to us through the program still have a lot of life left. That makes a strong business case to do whatever we can to extend the life of these components.

“Even more important, however, is that Ford strongly believes it’s just the right thing to do from an environmental perspective.”

Although Ford has practised in the method remanufactured parts for a number of decades, it formed its official Core Recovery Program back in 2003, bringing together the various collection methods previously used throughout the company, from the dealerships through to those in charge of Ford’s supply chain.

While Ford remains committed to recycling and reusing parts wherever possible, its own vehicles are now more recyclable than ever. More than 85 per cent of each new Ford vehicle is recyclable, as increasing numbers of parts are being kept away from landfills.

At ASM Auto Recycling we are delighted to see major vehicle manufacturers acknowledge the work we do in promoting the responsible recycling of used car parts. We also proudly support the used car parts market in the UK with a fast-expanding department with over a quarter-of-a-million reusable parts each available with our own 90-day guarantee.

With over two decades in the vehicle salvage and parts recycling business we are on-hand to provide guidance and advice to all UK vehicle owners.

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