Salvage 4x4 cars for sale

If you’re looking to invest in a 4x4 without breaking the bank, then the salvaged or used 4x4 cars for sale in our online auction might be the answer!

ASM has been serving the salvage market since 1983, meaning we have a close working relationship with the UK’s largest independent vehicle salvage and stolen-recovered agents. Our online salvage auctions provide hundreds of salvaged, damaged or used, yet repairable cars, including 4x4s. Our online auction team have the knowledge to help you make the best investment.

Looking for a salvage 4x4 car at auction? Check our salvage 4x4 cars for sale online

2002 Jeep Cherokee V6 4x4

  • New salvage 4x4 cars weekly
  • Low starting prices
  • Large range of salvage 4x4 types

Salvage 4x4 car write-off category history

When buying a salvage 4x4 or looking at ones for sale, it’s important you have an overview of its history. The various categories will help you understand the level of damage the vehicle has.

  • Category A – A written-off vehicle that must be completely destroyed
  • Category B – A written-off vehicle from which used parts may be re-sold, but the chassis must be destroyed so that the vehicle itself cannot return to the road in its current form
  • Category S – A written-off vehicle that has sustained structural damage but is considered repairable
  • Category N – A written-off vehicle that has sustained non-structural damage or was stolen-recovered
  • Category X – A vehicle with unrecorded damage. It may be dealer disposal, stolen recovered, police seizure and/or have light or no damage

Considering buying a salvage 4x4 car or using our online auction?

If you’re interested in buying a salvage 4x4 car or have found one which you’d like to bid on, talk to us. Call our auction team today on 01844 268 940 (opt. 2) or send them an email at salvage at asm-autos dot co dot uk.