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Motorway speed limit to be cut to 60mph on some roads

New plans proposed by the Government will see motorway speed limits cut to 60mph, in order to limit air pollution near homes and schools.

The limit has been proposed for a 32-mile stretch on a section of the M1, following fears that pollution levels are damaging the health of nearby residents, while also in a bid to meet European Union (EU) targets for clean air.

The Government will then investigate the possibility of extending the restrictions across other areas of the country, with 13 other stretches of motorway potentially following suit. These plans come after the Coalition abandoned plans to raise the speed limit to 80mph, for fear it would risk road safety and alienate key voters.

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Fines and points for middle-lane motorway drivers

Motorway drivers who hog the middle lane will face on-the-spot fines and license points under new laws which are expected to be implemented by the Government.

The prospective laws will give police the ability to penalise drivers for other poor driving practises like tailgating, queue jumping or using the wrong lane on a roundabout.

Fixed penalty notices of £100 will be accompanied by three penalty points, in a similar fashion to other motoring offences.

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Motorway tolls will be next, say drivers

Motorway tolls will inevitably be the next method of government revenue creation, according to over half of drivers surveyed by the RAC.

55 per cent of survey respondents feel that the government will begin charging for motorway access in order to pay for improving the country’s road infrastructure.

Although the government is unlikely to place toll charges on existing roads this side of the election, there is a growing feeling this may happen if the Coalition secures a second term.

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Chancellor plans second toll motorway in major road spend

Britain is to build its second toll motorway as part of a number of major road projects, according to reports in the Independent.

The Chancellor is likely to revive a 10-year old plan to expand the M4, in order to reduce congestion near Newport, Wales. This will form part of a new £3bn road building policy aimed at stimulating the British economy.

Using this summer’s Comprehensive Spending Review as a platform for new projects, the government will add to the impressive M6 toll project which was built in Birmingham in 2003.

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Ecotricity launches world’s first national motorway charging network for electric cars

Green energy firm Ecotricity has launched the world’s first national motorway charging network for electric vehicles in the UK.

British owners of electric cars are being handed the chance to hit the open road with free power points installed at 12 Welcome Break service stations dotted across the country, with a further 17 points promised later this year.

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