What is Certified Recycled?

Buying used vehicle parts typically cost just a third to a half of the price of new parts. And when used vehicle parts, or ‘green vehicle parts’, are Certified Recycled, you can be assured of a working, cleaned, high quality genuine part (not pattern). The scheme is independently certified and audited by the Vehicle Recycler’s Association. Watch to learn more.

Video transcript

You can sometimes see a blue and white Certified Recycled logo on selected eBay listings when you search for used vehicle parts in the UK. Certified Recycled is an eBay programme to promote sustainable business practices and to support eBay buyers and sellers. The Certified Recycled logo highlights that the seller meets much higher standards.

eBay is now the UK’s single biggest source of what are often known as green or recycled parts. So, in a global first, eBay has developed a certified recycled program based on the UK’s only independently audited recycler scheme, VRA Certification, which was set up by the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association, or VRA.

Nowadays, a high proportion of all used parts sold through eBay in the UK, are supplied just by certified recyclers. Demand for recycled parts is increasing rapidly because of their huge benefits. Many insurance companies are now using some of these parts to repair damaged vehicles. This is because of the high cost of new parts, delays getting hold of some new replacement parts and because, just like everyone else, they want to do their bit to help the environment too.

Not only do recycled parts buyers save lots of money, typically recycled parts cost just a third to a half of the price of new parts, but they also have amazing environmental advantages, saving huge amounts of energy and natural resources typically used in making brand new parts. That’s why they’re often known as green parts.

Recycled parts are reclaimed from end-of-life vehicles. But just because a vehicle has reached the end of its useful life, maybe because of accident damage, that doesn’t necessarily mean that many of its individual parts can’t be reused, quite the opposite.

Certified recyclers have to meet the very highest standards, and they are independently audited every single year. On top of this, they also need to be eBay’s top-rated sellers. This means that the hard work has already been done for you, and buyers can rest assured that the seller has already been thoroughly checked out and verified beforehand. So, buyers can be confident that the sellers are legitimate UK businesses, and the parts they supply are fully tested, fit for purpose, and work as they should, and as described.

Furthermore, Certified Recycled parts come with industry-leading guarantees, giving buyers the extra peace-of-mind. So, recycled parts make car repairs more affordable and avoid unnecessary waste. And by buying certified recycled, you can save yourself lots of money and help save the planet. What’s not to like?