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At ASM Auto Recycling, we’re all about providing customers with the levels of service, experience and enthusiasm they deserve.  As one of the UK’s most established vehicle salvage agents and parts recyclers, we distilled our 40 years of expertise into some of the following guides.

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Make use of this collection of advice on a range of subjects.

Our “How it works” guide will outline the process of selling vehicles and buying used cars through ASM Auto Recycling.

If you’re looking for guidance that you can’t find here, let us know.  If we can help by providing the answers you need, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Read our “Used car document checklist” for everything you’ll need to get through the sale of your car, from each item of paperwork to vital hardware.

You will find additional guidance on vehicle recycling, from specific recycling process, to where car parts are utilised after recycling, to the implications for you when looking to recycle your vehicle.