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Typical tyre problems that can hinder the performance of your car

Tyre problems for any road user are no laughing matter. Damage to your car tyres not only reduces the performance and efficiency of your car, but it can pose a serious risk to your safety and that of other road users.

Tyres are some of the most common car parts that encounter wear and tear. The cause of this is down to them being in constant contact with road surfaces – good and bad. Subsequently, tyres will often need periodic attention to prevent permanent tyre damage and having to fork out on unnecessary replacements.

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How to prevent catalytic converter theft

In this article, we take a look at the rise in thefts of catalytic converters, why this may have occurred, and, more importantly, how you can prevent catalytic converter theft happening to your vehicle. Plus, find out about what to do if you are affected by this type of theft.

Cross-section of a catalytic converter

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Can I sell my car without the log book?

Sample V5C log book

If you are planning on selling your car, but you’ve realised you don’t have your log book, you might be concerned that it’s not possible to transfer ownership of your vehicle without it.

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What is Cat N?

Cat N auction car

In October 2017, the UK government opted to revise the insurance write-off categories for road vehicles, replacing the previous Cat C and Cat D classifications with Cat S and Cat N respectively. Both Cat S and Cat N were introduced to better reflect the growing complexities of repairing 21st century vehicles.

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Leading the way in standards compliance

Composite of ASM Auto Recycling's ISO certificates

ASM Auto Recycling is very proud to announce its business management systems have been audited and certified as complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 international standards.

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