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Thinking about scrapping a car this Christmas?

Christmas wrapped car

Forget Christmas wrapping, what about Christmas scrapping?

Is the festive season a good time to scrap your car? If you need some extra cash for the most expensive time of the year, selling your old banger for scrap could be the sleigh to go …

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Hydrogen Powered Cars in the UK

Hydrogen molecules graphic

It was once predicted by the government that there could be 1.5 million hydrogen-powered cars in the UK by 2030. That is unlikely to happen now, but electric cars that run on hydrogen are a viable alternative to battery powered electric vehicles (BEVs) and may also be a greener option too.

With the sale of new petrol and diesel cars banned after 2035, EVs that run on lithium ion batteries are not the only choice for zero emission driving. In this guide we look at how a hydrogen-powered car works, what refuelling is like and what the future might hold for hydrogen-powered cars.

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Can I sell my car without the log book?

Sample V5C log book

Yes, you can sell a car without a log book, or V5C document. But it will be harder to do so without proof of ownership, and you might have to lower the price. It is easy to apply for a replacement log book, and reassure anyone buying the car that you are the registered owner.

If you are planning on selling your car, but you’ve realised you don’t have your log book, you might be concerned that it’s not possible to transfer ownership of your vehicle without it.

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Basic Car Maintenance: How to change your car battery yourself

Man working with car battery positive terminal under the hood

Even if they’re well taken care of, car batteries don’t last forever. The typical lifespan of a car battery is between three and five years before it needs replacing. If you notice your headlights dimming or your car has run out of energy, the likelihood is that it needs a new battery. Fortunately, this is something which you can tackle at home with a few tools and without too much difficulty.

Car batteries can go flat for several reasons, including:

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The growing interest in eco-friendly cars

Chargers plugged into two electric cars at charge station

There is no question that environmentally friendly cars are becoming more popular. In a sense they have to be. In the UK the sale of new petrol and diesel cars are banned after 2030, so soon an electric vehicle will be the only choice if you want to buy a new car. Consumers are increasingly seeing the environmental and cost benefits of driving an eco vehicle, but what environmental value do they have, how much do they cost, and which are the most common types?

The biggest issue for people considering buying an electric car is the forecourt price. The average price of an electric car in 2022 in the UK was £44,000, significantly higher than the equivalent cost of a car with a traditional internal combustion engine. However, the EV market has expanded rapidly in recent years, with a considerable number of luxury models being manufactured having the effect of bumping up average prices.

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