Mercedes Salvage Cars for Sale

Looking for unbeatable German engineering and a sleek design at a brilliant price? Our online auction has a range of Mercedes Salvage Cars for sale every week all with minimal, structural or cosmetic damage. Find your next Mercedes without breaking the bank!

Our excellent relationship with the UK’s largest independent vehicle salvage and stolen-recovered agents enables us to offer over 2,500 different damage-repairable or stolen-recovered vehicles in our weekly online salvage auctions.

With over 40 years’ experience, every car included in our online salvage auction is hand selected by us. From motorbikes to luxury Mercedes, the extensive range of vehicles in our online auction means there’s something to meet any need.

Looking for a Mercedes Salvage Car? Check our Mercedes Salvage Cars for Sale Online

2010 Mercedes-Benz E Class E220 SE CDi

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  • Low starting prices
  • Minor damage, repairable Mercedes salvage cars for sale

Cat Types

Ranging from repairable to irreparable, all salvage vehicles are given one of four category types to indicate the level of damage they have sustained. If you’re looking at salvage cars for sale, understanding each cat type salvage title can help ensure you make a wise investment, and don’t end up with a vehicle which is non-roadworthy and too expensive to repair. Some online auctions, including ASM won’t sell certain category types due to the level of damage the vehicles have sustained, and the sale of Cat A and B types is illegal.

The salvage car Cat types include:
  • Category A – Deemed irreparable by the insurer, Cat A types are illegal to sell. Because the damage these vehicles have suffered is so extensive, any parts which may be salvageable have to be destroyed.
  • Category B – While still heavily damaged and illegal to sell, parts from Cat B vehicles can be salvaged and sold on in individual parts, including the engine and other mechanical elements. The vehicle itself or the bodyshell must never be driven again.
  • Category S – This vehicle has suffered extensive structural damage, such as a collapsed crumple zone or twisted chassis but can be professionally repaired and made road legal.
  • Category N – These vehicles can be sold and are available in our online auction. Vehicles with Cat N grading haven’t had structural damage, but the cosmetic or electrical damage may cost more to repair than the car is worth. Cars with this Cat type are not necessarily drivable, however once repairs have taken place, these vehicles can re-appear on the road.
  • Category U – Known as “unrecorded insurance write offs”, Cat U cars have often been involved in an accident which hasn’t been reported to the insurance company. These vehicles are not owned by an insurance company and may have sustained severe damage which is expensive to repair.
  • Category X - Sold in our online auction, Cat X cars are often considered the most desirable salvage car type. As there is no record of the initial damage after repair, these cars are not recorded on the Hire Purchase Inspection (HPI) register.

Still have questions about buying Mercedes Salvage cars for Sale?

If you’re considering a Mercedes Salvage car for sale, talk to us. ASM now offers a selection of over 2,500 damage-repairable and stolen-recovered vehicles in our weekly online car auction, so we have all the information you need. Call our auction team on 01844 268 940 (opt. 2) or send them an email at mailto:salvage at asm-autos dot co dot uk.