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How to Replace your Serpentine Belt

Mechanic holding car engine belt part

If you know your way around a car’s engine, then you’ll know what a serpentine belt (or drive belt) is. Automatic belt tensioners are now standard in most cars, so replacing a serpentine belt is one of those jobs that it is possible to do yourself.

Here’s our DIY guide to how to change your serpentine belt.

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Basic Car Maintenance: How to change your spark plugs

Spark plug

An essential part of your engine’s operation, spark plugs are something which you can replace yourself with relative ease.

When the engine fires, the spark causes the ignition cycle to begin. As this happens every time you start your car, the metal in the plugs will inevitably burn out over time. As this happens, eventually the gap between the electrodes becomes too vast for the spark to travel, leading to misfires, weak acceleration and poor mileage.

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The complete guide to replacing a fuel filter

Car mechanic working in a garage

A fuel filter is one of those components in your car that do a quiet but important job, ensuring that your engine runs effectively and smoothly. Here’s our guide to fuel filter replacement if you fancy doing it yourself at home.

You can locate the fuel filter either in the fuel tank itself or in the fuel lines between the tank and the fuel pump. If you are unsure check your vehicle manual to locate it. The fuel filter prevents debris, dirt, dust and other particulates from entering the fuel system, contaminating the engine and affecting performance. Over time the filter itself will become clogged, obstructing the flow of fuel to the engine.

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How tyre damage can hinder performance

Vehicle tyre close up

Tyre problems for any road user are no laughing matter. Damage to your tyres not only reduces the performance and efficiency of your car, but it can pose a serious risk to your safety and that of other road users.

Tyres are some of the most common car parts that encounter wear and tear. This is because they are in constant contact with the road surface. Subsequently, tyres will often need periodic attention to prevent permanent tyre damage and having to fork out on unnecessary replacements.

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Basic car maintenance: Replacing the horn on a car

Man pressing palm on a car steering wheel horn

Beep, beep!

Is your car horn sounding off key, out of tune or just mute?

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