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Best time to buy a used car

  Thursday, 20 January 2022

Looking to buy a used car? Let us help you find the best time for your budget.

The later months of the year, September, October, November, and December are all great options for buying a used car because it’s just after new number plate formats are introduced. A lot of people tend to part exchange their old cars for new ones during this time, so dealers may have more used cars in stock to choose from.

Generally speaking, the best advice for buying a used car is to shop late. That’s in both the year and month.

Get the timing right for used car dealership sales quotas

Remember that car dealerships have sales quotas to reach. These typically are yearly, quarterly, and monthly sales goals, so shopping when a dealership needs to meet them can be beneficial as they will be keen to move stock and hit their deadlines. The end of a month, a quarter, or the year are usually a good time to shop for used cars.

Should I buy a used car before or after plate changes?

March and September every year are when new number plate formats are introduced to the market, so a dealership is likely to want to clear older stock in the run-up to the plate changes. That’s why August and February can be the best time to buy a second-hand car. Limited space on the forecourt and a possible influx of newer vehicles means dealerships will often take a lower price on older used stock.

Buying a used car during national holidays

Sales events and larger discounts usually happen alongside national holidays like Easter, Christmas, and bank holidays. Do your research in the run up to these events so you can take advantage of additional discounts on the used car you want.

Buy a used car ‘out of season’

Buying a convertible is, unsurprisingly, more popular in spring and summer, so dealerships are less likely to offer a bargain price. Buy one in winter and you’re likely to find a better deal. This applies to other cars too, such as a 4x4, which will be higher demand, and possibly price too, in the winter months.

Think about the type of used car you are looking for and when it might be most in demand to help you know when to shop.

Why choose ASM to buy a used car?

ASM can help you find the best used car with our regular online auctions supported by our site in Thame, Oxford. With an expansive range of repairable used cars in stock, you may find the exact bargain you’re looking for. For help buying used cars at online auctions, read our full guide.

Our blog is also filled with helpful articles on buying used cars:

We also buy unwanted used cars to be scrapped, recycled, and resold where possible. Simply contact us today to discuss your needs.

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