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Thinking about scrapping a car this Christmas?

  Wednesday, 29 November 2023

Forget Christmas wrapping, what about Christmas scrapping?

Christmas wrapped car

Is the festive season a good time to scrap your car? If you need some extra cash for the most expensive time of the year, selling your old banger for scrap could be the sleigh to go …

Is Christmas a good time to scrap your vehicle?

We think so.

The second-hand car market cools down in December, as buyers wait for the discounted new deals coming their way in the New Year. So, trying to sell a car that is way past its best to private dealers could be tricky. People generally have more seasonal things to spend their money on than old motors. Find out more about the best time to buy a used car.

Scrapyards are always looking for a good deal, however. Selling your vehicle, even if it isn’t roadworthy, will land you some immediate extra cash, which could be very handy right now. Here at ASM we buy vehicles in any condition, at any time of the year!

The festive season is a bad time to have an unroadworthy car

There are plenty of good reasons why Christmas is the right time to get rid of an unreliable vehicle. If you’re considering it for scrap, then chances are it is not in a good way.

If it is still on the road, be very wary. Some of us do a lot of driving at this time of year, and the winter weather can be hazardous. Older cars struggle when it’s cold, and even if they start, you won’t want to get stuck anywhere. Whatever mechanical issues your car already has – from suspension to electrical problems – they will be much worse in December.

There can also be more traffic on the roads, so the risk of an accident is greater. Needing any kind of roadside assistance during the festive period is challenging, as so many organisations only run skeleton staff. Plus, most garages will be shut, so trying to get your car repaired will be difficult.

If you’re driving home for Christmas, make sure it is in a car that will get you there. If it won’t, don’t run the risk – get it scrapped.

Sell your car at ASM

If your car is no longer roadworthy, it will still have scrap value. We can give you an instant valuation on how much your car is worth as scrap metal.

At ASM, we will buy cars in any condition, and assess what parts can be recycled. We offer a free collection service if you live close enough to one of our yards. Find out how much your car is worth by getting a valuation today.

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