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Is this the world’s first 1,000mph car?

  Monday, 22 October 2012

A vehicle backed by the Ministry of Defence is being developed in preparation to break the world land speed record in the next two years.

The Bloodhound, a rocket which houses an 800bhp engine, a Typhoon jet fighter’s engine at the rear of the vehicle and a Falcon rocket attached to the top, is being tested for the first time at Newquay Cornwall Airport this week.

The vehicle is predicted to comfortably break the current world land speed record which currently stands at 763mph. The Bloodhound is hoping to reach speeds of 1050mph, which would make it the first car to break the 1,000mph barrier.

The team behind the Bloodhound are hoping to make their record-breaking attempt in South Africa in two years’ time.

Chief engineer, Mark Chapman, said: “Pretty much anything we get out of Newquay next week will be a success. It is unusual that the public are seeing a rocket very early in development.

“When you see this thing work or fail it will be the first time we see it work or fail. The worst thing that could happen is nothing could happen, but that also lets us know what else has failed. [The car could] partly explode, but that was all part of the development test.”

50-year-old RAF Wing Commander, Andy Green is going to be the man tasked with taming the beast whilst hoping to inspire a new generation of engineers and speedsters as a result.

“We’re running an education programme called Bloodhound to break that record and share the technology with a whole generation of young people,” said Green.

“This is much bigger than just another land speed record. All of the technology we have to develop, it’s not commercially sensitive, it’s not militarily sensitive, there’s no competition because there are no other Bloodhounds in the world.

“It gives us the ability to reach out to a generation of young people to give them something iconic, exciting and simple – like driving in a straight line – and look at the science, the technology, the maths, the environmental science.”

At ASM Auto Recycling we too are trying our hardest to educate the next generation about the benefits that de-pollution and vehicle recycling can bring to the wider environment. 

We advocate the newly developed treatment processes of vehicles at the opposite end of the spectrum to Bloodhound. Our workshop recycles end-of-life vehicles on a regular basis to ensure all positive components and fluids that can be re-used are done so, whilst removing those dangerous elements that can be damaging to the environment.

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