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A guide to buying a salvage car

  Friday, 24 November 2017

At ASM, we help modern motorists manage their driving finances.  Car salvage auctions are one of the main services that we offer, our online salvage auction offers over 2,500 cars, vans and motorbikes for sale every week and we have a further 1,500 vehicles for parts dismantling.  Today, we’re going to explain how any driver can benefit from purchasing a salvage vehicle from us.

Put simply, a salvaged car is one that an insurance company no longer considers fit for use on the road in its current state.  If a vehicle has been in an accident, stolen or weather-damaged and repairs will cost more than the vehicle is worth, the insurance company will write it off and take possession.

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The Afterlife of a Car - Infographic

  Friday, 9 January 2015

Ever wondered what happens to your car after you’ve disposed of it? Our brand new infographic contains some great information on just where our cars go when we’ve finished driving them.

If you’ve ever wondered how the salvage industry works, this is the infographic for you:

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What are the most valuable salvage car parts?

  Friday, 16 November 2012

A lot of people still aren’t aware of the potential money they can make from recycling their car. For too long recycling facilities or scrap yards have been labelled as places visited by people looking for a quick fix or wishing to use the area as a dumping ground for their old vehicles.

But at ASM Auto Recycling we have always championed the value in used car parts and how motorists can save significant maintenance costs and be good to the environment just by making the most of salvage parts from end-of-life or damage-repairable vehicles.

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Save money with a salvage car

  Monday, 31 January 2011

If you don’t have a bottomless pit of money then you may well be priced out of the new car market. However, don’t despair as many people are turning to salvage cars as a cost-effective alternative to getting on the road. While the term ‘salvage car’ conjures up images of burnt out, written-off vehicles, many are actually not beyond repair.

Buying and repairing a salvage car can be a very rewarding process and can save you a significant sum of money in the process. Many people believe that a vehicle labelled as a salvage car by an insurance company will be more expensive to repair than the cost of the vehicle itself.

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