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Toyota Yaris most stolen car in UK

  Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A survey from insurance comparison website Confused.com has revealed the Toyota Yaris is top of the table of the UK’s most stolen cars.

Although Toyota’s cars are well-known for their reliability, it appears the super-mini is seemingly irresistible to the nation’s thieves.

In the last seven years, one in every 244 Yaris models insured via Confused.com was stolen. By comparison, the Ford super-mini, Ka was the least stolen car using the same measure with not a single vehicle pinched.

Car security expert, Michael Fraser, said: “A Ford Ka is not very likely to be stolen as thieves will view them as cheap, with no power and no street cred among thieves.

“The cars that are much more likely to be targeted are the Jaguar XJ, Mercedes C Class, and the Range Rover Sport.

“These are sought after by car thieves as they are very fast, powerful, hold the road well and are built well. Protection on these vehicles will be high, so it’s about getting hold of the keys.”

As a result there are a number of ways motorists can reduce the risk of car theft:

  • Park your car with wheels pointed to the kerb – this makes it more difficult for a thief to move off at speed;
  • Keep your vehicle interior tidy – an untidy interior suggests a forgetful person who may have left something valuable inside;

Vehicle retrieval and transportation of stolen-recovered vehicles is important to help return vehicles to their rightful owners and, in the event of damage, restore or recycle the used car parts for future use.

At ASM Auto Recycling we have a modern fleet of 10 multi-vehicle car transporters, offering the most efficient way to carry salvage, accident-damaged or stolen-recovered vehicles back to our depots. We take vehicle transport very seriously and ensure the same reliable transportation service for collection of all types of cars.

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