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Spotted: 10 hilarious UK road signs

  Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Let’s face it, we all need road signs to help direct us from A to B on the highways. But in true British fashion there are instances where we come across some utterly bizarre road signs and meanings that put a smile on our faces behind the wheel.

Prepare to be amazed with our collection of some of the most amusing and baffling road signs from Britain’s streets:

Sign says 'SIGN NOT IN USE'

Are you sure you’re not lying to us?

Sign says 'Secret Nuclear Bunker'

Secrecy is clearly not their strong point…

Sign shows motorbike above car

No stunt men allowed.

Caution sign says 'elderly people' with stereotypical silhouette

Beware people with bendy backs!

Upturned 'give way' triangle missing bottom segment made to look like a funnel flowing with white liquid, by unknown graffiti artist

Shouldn’t this belong in an art gallery?!

Sign says 'Road liable to flooding' adjacent a flooded road © Copyright Peter Robinson and licensed for reuse under CC BY-SA 2.0

Thanks for telling us Sherlock…

Caution sign shows a silhouette of an articulated truck grounded on a hump

Beware of mole hills?

Sign left says 'Ord Muir', sign right says 'Muir of Ord'

We challenge you not to take a wrong turning here…

Caution sign shows a silhouette of a road worker shovelling a mound of aggregate which has been cropped by the triangular border

Beware: Men with giant umbrellas ahead

Instructional sign shows car emitting an explosive burst with the words 'No explosives'

Winner of the 2012 ‘How to state the blindingly obvious’ award

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