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ASM Auto Recycling sponsors long-serving staff member for touring car exploits

  Thursday, 14 September 2017

ASM Auto Recycling sponsored racing car

ASM Auto Recycling would like to announce its latest sponsorship commitment to the Owen Racing Team, a father and son touring car team which competes in the Pre-2003 Classic Touring Car Championship.

The team features a long-serving employee of ASM Auto Recycling, AJ Owen, who is a double Pre-2003 Classic Touring Car Championship champion.

AJ’s father, Craig, has been racing touring cars since 1990 and when AJ started in 2011, their father-son racing team was born.  ASM has agreed to sponsor the team, adorning their touring cars with the ASM logo on the doors of their touring cars which will be visible throughout all 16 staged events of the championship season.

An ASM Auto Recycling spokesperson said: “Given what we do as a business, coupled with the fact that AJ is a long-serving member of staff, our sponsorship seemed a natural fit.

“We are delighted to support AJ and his father, Craig, in their pursuit of more success in the 2017 Pre-2003 Classic Touring Car Championship.”

The Pre-2003 Classic Touring Car Championship caters for racing drivers participating in two-wheel drive, four-seat saloon/hatchback or coupé cars marketed between 1st January 1993 and 31st December 2002.

Formed in 1974, the Classic Touring Car Racing Club came about when a group of amateur racing drivers sought to promote affordable racing in popular saloon cars of the 1950s and early-60s.

Fast-forward 43 years and the Club has now evolved, encompassing eight different annual racing championships, divided by year of manufacture, reflecting the relevant period of saloon or touring car racing.

ASM Auto Recycling is delighted to be sponsoring AJ and his father in their racing pursuits.  We wish the team all the very best on many of the UK’s most prestigious racing circuits in 2017 and beyond.

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