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IAM offers new night driving tips for UK drivers

  Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has offered new driving tips for British motorists when driving in the dark on motorways. The nation’s top advanced driver association has warned road users of the importance of preparing differently for driving at night than in broad daylight.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner at the IAM, has insisted motorists must do everything in their power to give themselves the best possible chance of spotting night-time hazards by keeping vehicle lights and windscreens clean and free of debris.

Mr Rodger also advocated the use of a vehicle’s full beam lights when the motorway is clear and minimising the number of reflections on car windows by turning off interior lighting and dimming the car’s dashboard.

“Currently there are several stretches of motorway in Britain which have no lighting, making the hours of darkness even more challenging for motorists,” he said.

“Driving after the sun goes down offers a rather different experience to driving in daylight. Speed is more difficult to judge, distances can be hard to calculate, facing a wall of headlights can cause distraction and impaired vision, and you are likely to be more tired than usual.”

Regardless of weather conditions, Rodger has also encouraged motorists to always ensure they are able to stop comfortably within the distance they can see. Drivers that do break down and are forced to pull over should make sure they pull over as far as possible onto the hard shoulder with the wheels facing the kerb.

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