ASM Car Auctions

We work closely with some of the UK’s leading accident-damaged and stolen recovery specialists. Offering 24/7 bidding on weekly car auctions for up to 2,500 repairable cars. Our UK-based salvage car auctions feature a broad spectrum of makes and models. Ranging from premium supercars such as Maserati’s to functional family estate cars. All of which offer a bargain to those willing to restore them to a roadworthy condition.

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Save money on accident-damaged cars at our online auctions

Buying accident-damaged cars at our online auctions can be a great way to secure a better vehicle for your money. Accident-damaged or stolen-recovered cars that have been written-off by insurers aren’t beyond repair. It simply means the cost of repair would not be worthwhile for the insurer. However, if you or a trusted mechanic are prepared to repair any of our cars with spare parts, it’s possible to pick up a bargain. You can have it swiftly back on the road, sometimes at half the price of the same model purchased from a forecourt.

Our UK-based salvage car auctions feature detailed information about every available car. From the salvage category defined by insurers, the car’s mileage and its service history through to its location and the scheduled time that bidding ends, you can find out all you need to know via our Bidding Console.

Did you know, we’re one of the UK’s leading providers of used car parts, stocking more than 100,000 parts for all types of vehicles and models? We do our best to match available parts and panels to equip you with all the items you need to restore your new car purchased at an ASM car auction.

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Parts discount for ASM’s online car auction buyers

We greatly appreciate the custom of all our car auction buyers, which is why we offer a discount of up to 20% on all matching used car parts required for the repair of accident-damaged cars bought from us.

Note: This discount applies only to cars purchased from ASM Auto Recycling Ltd. and does not cover vehicles sold by other companies via our car auctions online.

What if I want to buy a van instead?

Although our online auction has a wide variety of salvage cars available, you can also find damaged and recovered vans. A salvage van is perfect for contractors and delivery drivers alike. You can even save up to 50% on the forecourt cost.