Prestige Salvage Cars for Sale

For over 40 years, ASM Auto Recycling has been widely regarded as one of the UK’s most professional vehicle salvage agents. Our experience makes us experts when it comes to the sale of salvage cars in our online auction and we pride ourselves on handpicking high quality vehicles for our auction customers.

Included in this is our selection of prestige salvage cars for sale. From a Range Rover to a Bentley, we’ve selected the best luxury vehicles for our auction, all of which have minimal or no damage. Whether you’re looking for your next car, or your dream car, we will aim to meet your needs as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

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2017 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

  • New Salvage cars added regularly
  • Low starting prices
  • Minor damage, repairable prestige salvage cars for sale

Cat Types

All reclaimed or salvaged cars are categorised depending on the level of damage they have incurred. If you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle that has been salvaged, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what the four different category types mean before you commit to buying. Selling certain categories (A and B) is illegal, and certain online auctions won’t sell other category types due to the level of damage they have suffered.

The salvage car Cat types include:
  • Category A – Cars marked as Cat A have been so badly damaged that they should be destroyed, and any salvageable parts must be scrapped due to the severity of the damaged incurred. The selling of Cat A cars is illegal.
  • Category B – Cat B cars have also sustained extensive damage and are illegal to sell. However, unlike Cat A cars, some parts may be salvageable. While the vehicles themselves are not road legal, some parts may be road worthy and can appear on other road-going vehicles.
  • Category S – Despite the extensive damage vehicles of this classification have suffered, if professionally repaired these vehicles can re-appear on the roads. Cat S cars can be legally sold.
  • Category N – Vehicles haven’t suffered any structural damage, but any electrical or cosmetic damage may be expensive to repair. This is one of the car cat types sold by ASM. Once faults have been repaired, these vehicles can re-appear on the road.
  • Category U – Known as “unrecorded insurance write-offs”, where vehicles may have sustained damage which wasn’t reported to the insurance company. Because the car doesn’t have any ‘official mark’ against its name, it may have sustained very serious damage which could be expensive to repair or make the car not roadworthy.
  • Category X - Cat X cars can be considered subject to an insurance claim, and generally have minimal or no damage, making them a highly desirable salvage car type. As there is no record of the initial damage after repair, these cars are not recorded on the Hire Purchase Inspection (HPI) register.

Still curious about buying a Prestige Salvage car for Sale?

If you’re considering a Prestige Salvage car for sale, talk to us. ASM now offers a selection of over 2,500 damage-repairable and stolen-recovered vehicles in our weekly online car auction, so we have all the information you need. Call our auction team on 01844 268 940 (opt. 2) or send them an email at salvage at asm-autos dot co dot uk.