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It is estimated that there are around four million vans on the road in Britain. Vans help hundreds of industries run smoothly, transporting goods and services. Businesses like decorators, handymen, florists and delivery drivers all use vans for work, meaning that mileages can be high, but these vehicles are hardy and versatile.

ASM has been serving the salvage market since 1984. We have a range of salvage vans for sale in the UK. We have a close working relationship with the UK’s largest independent vehicle salvage and stolen-recovered agents. From city vans and short wheel base to large work vans, our online salvage auctions provide thousands of vans up to 50% cheaper than the same model bought from a car dealership forecourt.

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Understanding Salvage Van Categories

When you buy a salvage van, be sure to understand its history. The various categories will tell you if the van has had any structural or aesthetic damage. As of October 2017, the categories for written off vehicles were revised to:


Categorised as Scrap. These vehicles cannot be repaired and must be destroyed, including all parts. Often these vehicles are crushed.


Categorised as Break. These vehicles cannot be repaired. The body-shell must be destroyed to stop the vehicle going back on the road. However, parts can be salvaged to use or sell on.


Categorised as Non-Structurally Damaged. The vehicle can be repaired if there has been no structural damage and allowed back on the road.


Categorised as Structurally Damaged. This vehicle is considered repairable and can be put back out on the road.

This information is correct as of 2019, for more information on write off categories visit

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