Scrap My Van

If you are looking to sell your used van, then you’ve come to the right place - ASM Auto Recycling has a wealth of experience in buying used vehicles, whatever their condition:

  • Avoid trawling the market for a private buyer when we can give you a competitive price there and then. Whether it’s a normal roadworthy van, accident-damaged or scrap van, we’re here to help.
  • Damaged vans can be hard work to fix unless you know how; it might be best to cut your losses and leave it to the experts. Our highly-qualified engineers will give you an honest assessment while saving you all of the hassle.
  • Depending on your van’s condition, we will either recycle it for parts or re-sell it to someone who can fix it up like new, via our online salvage auction. This gives skilled mechanics the chance to refurbish your vehicle and get it back in shape.
  • By taking dangerous vehicles off the road and placing them in our vehicle storage department, we can offer excellent safety and environmental benefits while supporting a growing used car parts market.

Scrap Your Car

We buy any vehicle in any condition, with a price guarantee – we pay what we say!

Van Dismantling

  • Vehicle dismantling really is the most environmentally-safe way to scrap your van, removing and storing pollutants from the vehicle’s shell.
  • Our high-tech workshops will dismantle, test and clean your van parts, recycling them in line with the Environment Agency’s ELV Directive.
  • This environmentally-friendly service leverages our knowledge of the used vehicles market while giving you a really competitive price for your car.
  • We take the hassle out of the process, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your van is in capable hands. Simply fill out your registration details now for a free quotation.

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