Vehicle Dismantling

Our modern 11-bay workshops are fully equipped to enable the safe and efficient dismantling, testing and cleaning of all our recycled parts in our modern vehicle dismantling facility, commonly referred to as a ‘breakers yard’.

ASM's vehicle dismantling workshop

We have also installed a number of ‘state-of-the-art’ de-pollution rigs to enable the processing of abandoned and end-of-life vehicles (ELV’s) in accordance with the European ELV Directive for our Car Scrappage Scheme.

Each year 2 million end-of-life vehicles are processed in the UK to remove and store potential toxins such as fuel, oils and brake fluids that remain inside many salvage vehicles. This is all part of the ‘green’ de-pollution process and ASM Auto Recycling works to ensure that our sites comply with all requirements of the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive.

The vehicle dismantling process enables our used car parts department to grow. At present in our car scrap yards, we stock over 100,000 guaranteed recycled auto parts and this number is only set to increase as vehicle dismantling and recovery techniques become even more efficient.

Vehicle dismantling is not just a case of casting aside the shell of a vehicle for scrapping. We carefully remove used car parts and salvage car parts to ensure that they can be used again.

Enquire about our Car Scrappage Scheme today offering a full collection and scrappage service for end-of-life vehicles.