Vehicle Storage

We currently stock over 2,500 vehicles, made up of damaged-repairable salvage and dismantle-only vehicles.

Fully stocked car racks with forklifts in ASM's compound

Having been collected, each vehicle is then given a computer-generated location in our bespoke racking system.  This system enables easy identification and reduces the likelihood of damage to vehicles on site.

Our 10 acres of car storage is fully concreted and has oil-collecting interceptors built underground.  We strive to operate to the highest possible environmental standards and our sites have been accredited as Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) by the Environment Agency – EAWML No’s: 86046 and 86388.

Salvage cars for sale can bag motorists a bargain.  For drivers that simply don’t have the cold hard cash to spend on a brand new or second-hand vehicle.  Purchasing a salvage car can be an exciting new project for you, but ensure you have the time and know-how to complete the restorations on your own.

Vehicle storage is the safest method of storing end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) while they wait to be scrapped or dismantled for recycled car parts.  That’s why at ASM Auto Recycling we developed our bespoke racking system to ensure that all received vehicles are stored securely and free from water and structural damage.