Car Scrappage Schemes

The UK’s original car scrappage scheme was introduced in 2009, designed to encourage motorists across Britain to scrap their ageing, polluting vehicles in favour of newer models that were kinder to the wider environment.

The scheme was applicable to those that had owned old, polluting vehicles for more than 12 months. So successful was the scheme that it was extended twice in September 2009 and again in February 2010, before ceasing in March 2010.

Seven years later, the UK government proposed launching a new and improved car scrappage scheme, as part of its Clean Air Plan. Vehicle owners could get up to £8,000 to buy new eco-friendly replacement cars. However, the proposal was eventually binned at the final hurdle and a new commitment to prohibit the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 put in its place.

Nevertheless, there are several car manufacturers that remain committed to offering their own car scrappage schemes, to continue the work of de-polluting the UK’s road network and giving motorists cleaner, more efficient vehicles to use day-to-day.

Do I qualify for the car scrappage scheme?

There are various conditions attached to the car scrappage schemes operated by the leading car manufacturers. Primarily, you’ll need to ensure your vehicle was registered on or before the cut-off date for eligibility. Secondly, you’ll also have to ensure you have owned the vehicle long enough to be accepted onto a scrappage scheme.

How does the car scrappage scheme work?

It’s quite simple. Car scrappage schemes are designed to incentivise owners of older, inefficient cars to trade-in their vehicle in favour of a brand-new cleaner model.

  • Step 1 – Ensure your existing vehicle is eligible for the car manufacturer’s car scrappage scheme.
  • Step 2 – Select the brand-new model from the car manufacturer that you wish to buy.
  • Step 3 – Complete the transaction and trade-in of your existing vehicle, receiving a specified discount towards the cost of your purchase in the process.

Which car manufacturers operate scrappage schemes?

In 2019, five leading car manufacturers operated their own individual car scrappage schemes, each with their own qualifying requirements and financial benefits. Unfortunately, only one of them remains open for registration, with the deadline for the other four remaining car scrappage schemes now passed. The sole remaining open scrappage scheme is:

  • Renault Scrappage Scheme
    With no registration deadline set, the Renault Scrappage Scheme appears to be ongoing for new models of Clio, Zoe, Captur, Kadjar, Koleos, Megane, Scenic and Twingo. All trade-in vehicles should be registered prior to 31st March 2012 and discounts towards brand-new eco-friendly Renault models range from £1,000 to £3,000.

The following four car scrappage schemes operated by leading car manufacturers have recently expired:

  • Mazda Scrappage Upgrade Plan
    Scrappage incentives were offered on a variety of new Mazda models. Trade-in vehicles of any make and transmission were accepted by Mazda. The vehicle must have been registered no sooner than 31st December 2010 and been owned for more than 60 days. However, the registration deadline for this scheme – 30th June 2019 – has since lapsed.
  • Toyota Scrappage Scheme
    Toyota’s scheme was eligible to vehicle owners of cars registered prior to 1st July 2011 and must have been owned for a minimum of six months prior to application. It offered £2,000 discounts on its smallest new models, the Aygo and Yaris.
  • Kia Scrappage Scheme
    Four brand-new Kia models were offered as part of the Kia Scrappage Scheme – the Picanto, Venga, Stonic and Sportage. The Picanto is available at a discount of £2,000, while the latter three can be purchased at a discount of £2,500. Trade-in vehicles needed to be registered prior to 31st March 2012.
  • Hyundai Scrappage Scheme
    Hyundai offered a generous £4,000 discount for the purchase of brand-new i30 hatchbacks. Discounts of £1,575 were available for the popular Kona and £1,800 for the i20 and ix20 models respectively. Vehicles must have been registered before 1st October 2011 and owners must have owned the vehicle for a minimum of 90 days.

How much can I get from the car scrappage scheme?

If you want to avail yourself of the open Renault Scrappage Scheme, it is possible to secure a discount of up to £3,000 towards a new, greener Renault car. However, it’s important to note that the full £3,000 discount is only eligible on purchases of the Kadjar crossover and the Zoe electric model.

It’s also possible to get £2,000 discounts on brand-new purchases of Clio and Captur models when trading in an older vehicle. You can also get a £1,500 discount for the remaining stock of the Twingo and £1,000 discounts on the brand-new Scenic, Megane and Koleos ranges.

Is there a scrappage scheme for vans?

Specific van scrappage schemes do exist for individuals and small businesses operating across Greater London. The £23m van scrappage fund, launched by the Mayor of London, is committed to paying applicants up to £6,000 to replace inefficient diesel vans with brand-new models, allowing them to avoid London’s new daily pollution charge in the process.

  • London-based businesses can get grants worth up to £3,500 for each inefficient van scrapped and replaced with brand-new or used Euro 6-compliant models.
  • Businesses with older, inefficient vans that drive into Central London twice a week or more can also apply for grants worth £3,500 for trading in non-Euro 6 vans.
  • London-based businesses with vans that are driven regularly in Central London can apply for grants up to £6,000 towards the purchase and running of new or used electric vans when trading in a non-Euro 6 van.

Note: Businesses and individuals must purchase their new, Euro 6 van and pay for any scrappage fees first before claiming their grants from the Mayor of London’s Office.

Is there a diesel car scrappage scheme?

Yes, the leading car manufacturers have enabled owners of older, inefficient diesel cars to trade-in their vehicle in exchange for thousands of pounds off a brand-new, greener model.

Renault’s car scrappage scheme is the only one which is open for applications at present, but it is open for both petrol and diesel models that don’t meet the latest emissions regulations.

For your diesel car to be eligible for Renault’s scheme, it must have been registered before 31st March 2012, giving you the chance to unlock discounts worth up to £3,000 on brand-new Renault models.

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