Car scrappage schemes

ASM collecting a car for scrap

Until recently there was a reasonable selection of car scrappage schemes in the UK.

A government scrappage scheme was first introduced in 2009, designed to encourage motorists across Britain to scrap their ageing, polluting vehicles in favour of newer models that were kinder to the environment. The scheme was applicable to those who had owned old, polluting vehicles for more than 12 months. So successful was the scheme that it was extended three times, before coming to an end in 2010.

Seven years later, the UK government proposed launching a new and improved national car scrappage scheme, as part of its Clean Air Plan. Vehicle owners would get up to £8,000 to buy new eco-friendly low or zero emission cars. However, the proposal was eventually ‘scrapped’ and a new commitment to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 put in its place. This deadline was accelerated to 2030 but has since been delayed to 2035.

Several leading car manufacturers ran their own scrappage schemes to encourage the take-up of fully electric and hybrid vehicles, but only one remains live in 2023. There are no diesel scrappage schemes currently in operation in the UK.

However, Transport for London has launched the ULEZ scrappage scheme, which offers discounts of up to £2,000 to Londoners who scrap vehicles that are not compliant with the Ultra Low Emission Zone emissions standards.

How does a scrappage scheme work?

Car scrappage schemes are fairly simple. Owners of old vehicles are offered a cash incentive to upgrade to a new model. The operators of the scheme will take the old vehicle to scrap in part-exchange for the new car. The cost of the new vehicle will be discounted. There will be eligibility criteria, such as evidence and duration of ownership, and if the scheme applies to older vehicles, a check will normally be required to show it has been registered before a specific date.

Is my car eligible for a scrappage scheme?

There are various conditions attached to car scrappage schemes. Primarily, you’ll need to ensure your vehicle was registered on or before a cut-off date for eligibility. You’ll also have to ensure you have owned the vehicle long enough to be accepted onto a scrappage scheme. Emissions levels are increasingly significant. The more polluting the vehicle, the more chance of it qualifying to be scrapped. For the ULEZ scrappage scheme (more details below), vehicles are eligible if they do not meet the Euro 6 emissions standard.

What car dealers are offering scrappage schemes?

As recently as 2019, five leading car manufacturers operated their own individual car scrappage schemes in the UK, each with their own qualifying requirements and financial benefits. Unfortunately, only one remains open for registration as of November 2023:

Renault ‘New for Old’ Scheme

Renault’s New for Old Scrappage Scheme offers a discount of up to £2,750 off the cost of a new Renault car (correct as of Dec 2023). You only need to have owned your existing car for 90 days, and the savings apply to a selected range of new models, including Clio, Captur, Arkana and Megane. Most are low or zero emission vehicles. The scheme only applies to cash purchases.

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The ULEZ scrappage scheme

As most people will be aware, the Ultra Low Emission Zone was expanded in August 2023 to cover all 32 London boroughs and the City of London. Anyone driving in the ULEZ in a vehicle that does not comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard, is liable for the daily charge of £12.50.

The London Mayor has introduced the ULEZ scrappage scheme worth £160million for residents who live within the ULEZ. Anyone with a car, motorcycle or wheelchair accessible vehicle that does not comply with the ULEZ emissions standards can apply if they live within the ULEZ. The scrappage scheme is not just open to individuals but businesses too. Small businesses with fewer than 50 staff and micro businesses of under 10 employees can also apply to the scheme.

Grants of up to £2,000 towards the cost of a compliant car are available. The payment for motorcycles is up to £1,000, and for wheelchair accessible vehicles there is a payment of up to £10,000 for scrappage and £6,000 for retrofitting. There is also a ULEZ van and minibus scrappage scheme for sole traders, micro businesses, small businesses or charities.

We offer a quick and professional scrappage collection service for dealerships

ASM Auto Recycling is committed to offering an end-to-end collection and scrappage service for traded in vehicles at dealerships across our four-counties catchment, for processing at our Thame and Oxford HQ. We are happy to receive any scrapped vehicles from the ULEZ scrappage scheme.

We’re proud to support car scrappage schemes which encourage higher environmental standards. By helping dealerships remove old vehicles from Britain’s road network, it’s a chance to de-pollute inefficient vehicles, while processing and recycling used car parts that can be refitted to other roadworthy models.

Don’t hesitate to contact ASM Auto Recycling today to discuss your collection and car scrappage requirements for traded in vehicles across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.