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Over a million of us drive a motorcycle in the UK, but the lifespan of motorcycles is around half that of the average car. This means that thousands of motorbikes each year come to the end of their life and are generally sold for scrap.

However, at ASM we do things a little differently. Instead of instantly scrapping the vehicle in its entirety, we salvage any parts that can still be used and are in good condition. This means that less goes to landfill, fewer CO2 emissions are produced and the savings can be passed on to you.

One of the most common issues faced by motorcyclists is a dysfunctional or dead battery. It’s more likely if you don’t ride frequently or if the bike is stored somewhere cold. With ASM, you can get a replacement battery at a more affordable cost. If your current battery is completely dead, then we can recycle it for you.

Get the motorcycle battery you need

Whether you need a YTX14bs battery or a SV650 battery, we’ve got you covered. We salvage as many motorcycle batteries as we can; we then clean them and put them through various rigorous tests to ensure they are safe. Once they have our seal of approval, they then get a 90-day guarantee and it goes on our parts store.

We list batteries as soon as they are checked, but our parts store is updated all the time – so it’s always best to check in regularly to see if we have the parts you need. If not, then you can always get in touch to see if we’ve had anything come in more recently that hasn’t been listed yet.

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Why buy a used motorcycle battery?

There are a long list of reasons as to why you should purchase a motorcycle battery from us. Firstly, we are an Authorised Treatment Facility, ensuring all parts sold meet strict UK regulations. Secondly, we are a VRAC certified vehicle recycler, which means we are independently audited and ensure all parts are genuine.

Lastly, but no means least, we contribute towards a circular economy so that we can help to reduce CO2 emissions and send less waste to landfill. Our mission is to increase the life of your motorcycle, so you don’t need to replace the whole bike sooner than anticipated. We also want to save you money whilst also saving the planet, it’s a no brainer.

Motorcycle batteries for sale from ASM

If you need help finding a specific motorcycle battery, or you are having problems with our online platform, please feel free to get in touch. You can call us directly on 01844 268 940 (option 1), email us on parts at asm-autos dot co dot uk or visit our Thame depot in Oxford via Gate 1.