Buy My Car

Where can I find someone to buy my car?

At ASM Auto Recycling, we purchase almost every kind of vehicle, offering excellent prices to all of our customers.  Whether your old car has finally reached the end of the road, or you’ve currently got a write-off you don’t know what to do with, get in touch with ASM and we’ll take it off your hands.

Scrap Your Car

We buy any vehicle in any condition, with a price guarantee – we pay what we say!


Which types of cars do you buy?

We buy any car.  We’ve previously purchased end-of-life vehicles, stolen-recovered vehicles, salvage vehicles, cars that are simply scrap, as well as cars that are simply more trouble than they’re worth to their owners.  You can buy used cars, meanwhile, in our salvage auctions.  We also buy vans and more.

So, really, any vehicle?

Some buyers will give cars a serious inspection: this is because they’re only interested in the re-sell value.  However, at ASM we know that if a car isn’t suitable for re-selling, we can easily recycle it in our facility.

And I’ll be in the clear, regulations-wise?

Completely.  Our hi-tech, cutting edge workshops mean we’re able to prepare your car for scrapping and recycling entirely in accordance with the European ELV Directive, leaving you completely worry free.

Our process

Our operating centres mean that we’re able to comprehensively dismantle any vehicle, retaining any still valuable parts for re-sale whilst ensuring that all of the necessary environmental directives are met with.

  • First, we de-pollute the shell of the car, and safely store any pollutants removed.
  • Then, the fluids are completely drained – petrol, oil, antifreeze, brake and transmission fluids, etc.
  • Any re-usable parts from the car are removed, cleaned up and restored if they’re able to be re-sold.
  • Any parts that can’t be re-sold are removed as well.
  • The chassis of the car and any other remaining parts are crushed and then fed into the shredder, following which the metal is melted down.

Why choose ASM?

With over 40 years of experience in this industry, ASM Auto Recycling continues to be at the cutting edge, making use of the latest technology in order to ensure we’re still the most efficient operators around.

We routinely process over 30,000 end-of-life vehicles each year, and we specialise in online salvage auctions with over 2,500 vehicles available to buy from us each week.

Our cutting edge technology and years of experience mean that if you’re looking for someone to buy your car, we’re the right choice.

Sell your car today

Give us a call today, and starting earning money from your old car.