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UK motorists choosing to delay MoT to save cash

  Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An increasing number of British drivers are choosing to delay their MoT test until after its due date in order to save money, according to a recent survey.

More car owners are attempting to cut corners to preserve funds with up to 10 per cent of drivers admitting to delaying their MoT test in the poll by

Similarly a further 16 per cent have also made the decision to hold off putting their cars in for repair in order to keep more money in their back pocket. This is particularly prevalent in younger drivers with one-in-five 18-24 year olds delaying attending to faults.

Over half of the 1,000 motorists polled in the survey admitted to being concerned about the cost of garage repairs to ensure their vehicle passes its MoT inspection. As many as 10 per cent of respondents have also amended their type of car insurance from fully comprehensive to third party only in order to save further cash.

Matt Tumbridge, director of, said: “Motorists have been hit hard by spiralling motoring costs and it is very worrying that so many are struggling to pay for repairs to their vehicles and their insurance.

“I believe that motorists are very responsible on the whole, but with tightening budgets and further job losses looming, motorists are being very careful with their money and feel that they have no option as the cost of motoring continues to increase.”

Avoiding vehicle repairs and delaying MoT’s is a dangerous policy for drivers to take as this makes them more susceptible to accidents on the road. At ASM Auto Recycling our online salvage auction consists of a number of vehicles retrieved from accidents by insurance companies, giving those who know their way around a car the opportunity to bag themselves a bargain.

All of our re-sale vehicles have been inspected fully by qualified engineers to ensure they are suitable for legitimate repair. Each of our online salvage cars must be repaired in accordance with ABI guidelines otherwise they must simply be scrapped for cash.

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