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Save money with a salvage car

  Friday, 15 December 2017

If you don’t have a bottomless pit of money, the chances are you may well be priced out of the new car market.  That’s not the end of the world however.  Purchasing a brand-new car is not always the most sensible investment given that its value falls markedly from the moment you drive it off the forecourt.

A more cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new car – one which offers fantastic value for money – is to acquire a salvage car.

What is a salvage car?

The term ‘salvage car’ may just conjure up images of burnt-out, damaged vehicles, many of which may have been written-off by insurance companies.  For a vehicle to be written off it must exceed a significant percentage of what the vehicle is worth.  Once it reaches that point, it is no longer financially viable for an insurer to repair and is issued with a salvage title.

However, that does not mean the vehicle can never be roadworthy again.  Salvage cars can be picked up for exceptionally low prices and repaired with used car parts in good working order, providing you know what you are doing or you have a trusted mechanic on call.

Many people believe that a vehicle labelled as a salvage car by an insurance company will be more expensive to repair than the cost of the vehicle itself.  In some cases, it’s possible to pick up a salvage car for around 25% of its market value.  Providing you have access to the right second-hand parts and specialists, you’ll almost certainly be able to get it roadworthy whilst paying well below the vehicle’s market value in total.

Stolen recovered vehicles are also salvage cars

You may be surprised to read that vehicles recovered subsequent to a theft are issued with a salvage title by the vehicle’s insurer, regardless of whether there is any genuine damage to the vehicle.  Consequently, it’s possible to pick up a stolen-recovered salvage car that’s still in good working order for much less than you’d pay at any reputable second-hand car dealership.

3 top tips when browsing available salvage cars

  • Always check for water and fire damage

    There may be some salvage cars available to buy that have suffered water and fire damage.  Cars which have been subjected to such high temperatures and levels of water tend to develop deep-rooted issues that never go away.  Unless you consider yourself an expert or you know a specialist that can handle such damage it’s always best to steer clear and find a better alternative.

  • Consider a pre-purchase inspection

    If you are considering purchasing a salvage car in one of ASM Auto Recycling’s online auctions, it’s important to note that you’re buying the vehicle in ‘as-is’ condition.  It’s therefore important that you have as much information about the car as possible before making that bid.  While our online auctions feature Bidding Consoles with detailed information about the Category, mileage and service history of available cars, some buyers consider arranging a pre-purchase inspection for absolute peace of mind.

  • Check the vehicle history report

    Be sure to use the salvage car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to order a vehicle history report, which will offer another layer of insight into the type of damage the car may have sustained.  When paired with a pre-purchase inspection, you can be more confident in your salvage car purchase.

The importance of salvage car parts

Salvage car parts are readily available and can be purchased at very reasonable rates from our very own parts breakers section with over one million used car parts available for vehicles from Alfa Romeos to Volvos.

Salvage cars can be a great hobby and a potential investment for anyone.  In fact, many people now specialise in buying and repairing salvage cars for resale to achieve a tidy profit.

If this article has got your interest, make sure you take a look at our weekly online salvage auctions, with more than 2,500 salvage cars, vans and bikes available to repair.  Every salvage car we sell has been inspected by qualified engineers and approved as suitable for legitimate repair.

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