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Fuel prices still the major motoring concern

  Wednesday, 30 April 2014

With the freeze on fuel duty in this year’s budget, motorists had every right to be relatively pleased.  However, new research from the British Car Auctions (BCA) has shown that the price of fuel is still the biggest concern for UK drivers.

70% of those surveyed by the BCA stated that fuel costs remained the issue that worried them the most. Unfortunately, this is by no means the first time it’s caused concern: fuel prices have been topping the motoring worry table since at least 2010.

Commenting on the new figures, Tim Naylor – the editor of the BCA Used Car Market Report – said:

“With nearly three quarters of respondents to our survey using their car every day, clearly every aspect of the cost of motoring is a worry.”

“The cost of fuel remains top of the list of concerns – despite the fact that the AA has reported a steady drop in prices over the last year. The reality is that fuel prices today are still much higher than they were just a few years ago – and for many motorists it’s hard to forget when unleaded was under £1 a litre. According to our research over one in five are convinced the fuel retailers are failing to pass on potential savings and a quarter of drivers are frustrated by the lack of action by the Government to tackle the cost of motoring.”

The current top five concerns about motoring costs (in order) are:

  • The price of fuel
  • The cost of vehicle tax
  • Insurance costs
  • Vehicle maintenance and servicing
  • Parking

Over half of the motorists surveyed by the BCA stated that if driving costs continued to increase, they would consider using their car less for non-essential travel.  Over a quarter of those surveyed said that they would walk more, and one in five claimed that they would make use of their bike instead.  Another quarter claimed that they would increase their use of public transport.

Mr Naylor was keen to emphasise the reasons for motorists feeling more pressured by rising motoring costs:

“More than one in ten drivers feel pressured by rising motoring costs because they need their car for work.”

He also highlighted the fact that more than half of those surveyed said that they had seriously considered changing their current car for a more fuel efficient model within the last year or so.

Fuel duty has always been a substantial concern for British motorists.  A 2010 survey by the AA showed that 53% of drivers saw fuel as their major problem.  At the time, illegal drivers were the second biggest concern, but no longer seem to be a significant worry.

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