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Panorama tracks down ‘industrial’ tyre-dump scammer

  Tuesday, 17 July 2012

This week BBC’s Panorama highlighted the growing issues surrounding tyre-dumping and the environmental effects of such a subject. The programme focused on the problem of ‘fly-tipping on an industrial scale’ and tracked down a serial scammer who had illegally dumped more than 25,000 used tyres on a farm in North Wales.

Panorama followed couple, Steven and Amy Marlow to Majorca after the pair fled the UK recouping over £15,000 for tyres they dumped at a farm property in Wales that the landowner and the taxpayer eventually had to pay to have cleared and safely disposed of.

Vast illegal tyre dumps have appeared throughout the country, with another site in the North East of England housing over 300,000 tyres abandoned within an industrial estate.

Andy Higham, of the Environment Agency, said: “We’re talking about serious and organised criminals. These aren’t people that just dump a few tyres. We’re talking about major, major money that can actually be made from this type of illegal activity.”

Motorists are expected to pay a ‘Green Fee’ to tyre fitters and garages; this is usually between £1-£2 per tyre and ensures that tyres are recycled properly. However, the fee is not compulsory.

At ASM Auto Recycling we strive to ensure that all cars we receive for vehicle dismantling are safely and efficiently dismantled within our modern 11-bay workshop. Our state-of-the-art de-pollution rigs are designed to process abandoned and end-of-life vehicles in strict compliance with the European ELV Directive.

Within our car scrap yards we currently stock over 250,000 guaranteed recycled car parts and this number is only set to increase as our recovery and refurbishment techniques grow ever more efficient.

We take the storage of recycled tyres, used car parts and scrapped vehicles extremely seriously with our 10 acres of vehicle storage operating to the highest possible environmental standards, accredited as Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) by the Environment Agency.

If you would like to discuss your vehicle recycling requirements with us why not contact our friendly team today on 01844 268940.

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