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European Commission proposes new CO2 targets for vehicles

  Monday, 23 July 2012

The European Commission has moved to try and further reduce the carbon emissions from the continent’s highways by proposing a new set of CO2 targets for new vehicles by 2020.

Under the newly proposed figures, average emissions from newly built vehicles should be reduced from 135.7g of CO2 per km (g CO2/km) in 2011 to 95 grams in 2020, with a mandatory target of 130g in 2015.

There will be an additional target for newly built vans which would require a fall of average emissions from 181.4g in 2010 (the most recent available data) to 147 grams (g CO2/km) in 2020, including a mandatory target of 175g in 2017.

Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action, said: “This is a clear win-win situation for everyone. This is one more important step towards a competitive, low-carbon economy.”

Hedegaard added that the proposal of new CO2 targets will not only benefit the wider environment but also provide an influx of new jobs, saving motorists money and ensure the European automotive industry is competitive and innovative within the global marketplace.

Keeping older, inefficient vehicles off the road is another vital factor in reducing the level of CO2 emissions on Europe’s roads.

Many motorists choose to scrap cars for cash, putting the money towards a newer, more efficient model and allowing businesses such as ourselves at ASM Auto Recycling to safely dismantle and recycle end-of-life cars, in accordance with the European ELV Directive.

Vehicle dismantling is not simply a case of casting aside the shell of an old car for scrapping however. It is rather more sophisticated than that. At ASM we carefully remove used car parts and salvage car parts first, preserving parts that can be used again and recycled under our very own guarantee.

Purchasing a quality used car part makes good financial sense for motorists, particularly those that know their way around a car and can fit parts themselves rather than paying the full price for a part from a garage or dealership.

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