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Car sharing requires affiliation and more incentives, says Carplus

  Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Car sharing schemes should be developed through an accredited standards body, providing quality assurances and better incentives for drivers, according to Carplus, the car club and ride sharing charity.

Carplus’ interim report hopes to assess how best to encourage and develop journey-sharing in order to help solve UK road congestion and associated environmental issues.

The report, entitled ‘Where is 2+ car sharing headed?’, combines research from the Ride Share Working Group, a group of industry stakeholders including ACT Travelwise, Ways2Work and Carplus.

The report suggests the creation of an industry body that would develop and oversee a range of service providers, developing recognised standards and codes of practice.

Carplus also says the market could be expanded through the creation of a recognised ‘2+ car sharing’ brand accreditation, combined with effective marketing communications, to develop awareness and participation. Members should also be given better incentives such as free parking and lane allocation.

Carplus was established in 2000 to encourage the development of car clubs and ride-sharing schemes in Britain, as a result of growing environmental concerns around private car use.

With travel costs continuing to rise faster than inflation and air pollution causing environmental damage and health issues, Carplus feels it is now more important than ever to reduce the number of cars on the road.

Chas Ball, Chief Executive at Carplus said:

“We believe that through establishing an agreed platform, the sector will be better placed to secure a growth in support for journey sharing activities and policies.

“As the effects of the recession and rising energy costs impact on the cost of commuting and discretionary travel, this sector can make a greater contribution to mobility,” he adds.

Carplus’ final report will be published in summer 2013. Additional views are now being sought from journey sharing commissioning bodies, transport authorities, or other interested parties within the journey sharing sector.

‘The Future of Journey Sharing’ consultation meeting also took place in London last month, allowing interested parties to discuss their findings and present their views on the report’s proposals.

Car sharing is another way in which consumers can reduce their environmental impacts. You can trade-in your old vehicle and begin car sharing today!

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